• Help a Child
    For A Better Community
    Every day we bring hope to thousands of marginalized children in Kenya's
    hardest places as a sign of Community ownership.
  • Be the Hope For Children
    For Greater Good of the next Generations
    Every day we bring hope to thousands of children in Kenya's hardest places as a sign of communities' unconditional love.
  • Empathy and Compassion
    A community is as good as its People
    • "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." — Frederick Douglass

Welcome to Children Ambassadors Initiative

Child Ambassadors Initiative (ChilAi) is a National body for Young People's cooperation and exchange of information on Children Rights I  Kenya with a membership of over 10k People. ChilAi was founded on the basis of UNCRC, is a registered Community Based Organization that believes in the potentiality of the local people to solving own problems. ChilAi runs a National Youth Movement4Children.
Child Ambassadors envisions a Community that protects all rights of Children and Youth to survive, develop and participate in all matters pertaining them.
Child Ambassadors Initiative's Mission is to advocate for and  promote the realization of Rights and Responsibilities of Children and Youth in Kenya through collective communal interventions.

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How you can help us

Just call at +254 735 640059 reach out to us

Our Projects

We have been involved in a number of projects across the counties
Here are some of the projects

What We Do

Ending Violence Against Children

Implementation of Laws, Change of Harmful Societal Norms and Values, Addressing Community "hot spots", engage Caregivers, Income, Response, Education

Resource Mobilize to Support children

Child Ambassadors rally resources to better serve the children by subsidizing their school fees and other socio-economic needs.

Whole Youth Development WYD

The concept of whole youth development implies the core values, skills and capabilities demanded today for youth to create, access and retain jobs.

Talent/ Star Search

Children can express their ideas and feelings in different ways! Through singing, dancing, rapping, acting, exhibiting in a fashion show etc.

Children For Environment

Promoting Environmental conservation among Young people through Tree planting is a show of commitment to sustainability creating safe spaces for them.

Children's Voices

The Convention on the Rights of the Child asserts that children have the right to freely express views and State Parties have the obligation to Listen

Our Partners